OUR ACTIVITIES - Basic Education - Schooling & Skill Development


6 English medium schools in Hyderabad City slums and semi-urban areas and villages have been functioning with strength of 3,000 students. Nominal fees are charged. Present Annual Budget is Rs. 20 lakhs. More than 500 students have Passed SSC, since the last 10 years.

Schools situated in Urban Slum and Semi Urban Region :

  1. United Public School, Falaknuma - Hyderabad
  2. United Public School, Borabanda - Hyderabad
  3. United Public School, Hasan Nagar - Hyderabad
  4. United Public School, Zaheerabad - Medak Dist.
  5. United Public School, Tandur - Ranga Reddy Dist.
  6. United Public School, Vikharabad - Ranga Reddy Dist.

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61 Urdu medium schools in interior Villages (of Telangana Region with 198 Teachers and a total strength of 9667 students) are now functioning with Government syllabus upto 7th Class, where not even a single school existed 14 years ago in that area. Complete free education including free books and uniforms are provided to 10,000 students studying in these schools. Present Annual Budget is Rs.40/- lakhs. In the last 14 Years more than 1,80,000 literates have been created, out of which 70% are girls.

Schools situated in Telangana Region District-wise

  1. United Village Schools, in Aler Circle, Nalgonda Dist.- 3Nos
  2. United Village School, in Jangaon Circle, Warangal Dist - 1 No
  3. United Village Schools, in Viqarabad Circle, R.R Dist.-8Nos
  4. United Village Schools, in Zaheerabad Circle - Medak Dist.-21Nos
  5. United Village Schools, in Bodhan Circle - Nizamabad Dist.-20Nos
  6. United Village Schools, in Marikal Circle - Mahboobnagar Dist.-6Nos
  7. United Village Schools, in Nirmal Circle - Adilabad Dist.-2 Nos

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Women Upliftment - Training in Skills & Craftsmanship

6 Craft Centers for women providing stitching, embroidery and basic Islamic education. Course is completely free and 400 girls benefited annually. More than 5000 women have benefited since inception. Sewing machines are given as gifts to poor and yateem girl students free of cost to facilitate self employment.

Marriages of orphan / poor Muslim girls is also undertaken on a nominal scale and upto Rs. 5 lakh per annum is being budget for them.

Youth Training in Computer Skills

A Computer Centre at Babukhan Estate, Hyderabad is running with advanced courses in Hardware and Software. Only a nominal fee equivalent to 25% of actual market fees is collected. More than 5000 Students have benefited till now.